Dawn Breaks

Front Dust Jacket of Dawn of Desegregation

My first book, Dawn of Desegregation, was officially published by the University of South Carolina Press on May 15, 2011. Note that I used the word “officially.” That’s because author’s copies arrived at my house on May 1. The manuscript on which I had worked so long was finally printed. And bound. And covered with a real dust jacket.

Dawn had broken (into print) and the month had only just begun.

I realize now that I didn’t understand what “date of publication” means. Did I think it is the date when dust jackets are put on several hundred copies of a book? Or did I think it is when the crisp new copies are lovingly and tenderly placed in boxes for shipment? I don’t know. I kind of remember thinking that—on the date of publication—boxes crammed full of copies of my book would be simultaneously opened at bookstores throughout the nation.

Like a Harry Potter book? Well, not quite. I didn’t envision long lines waiting in the dark for bookstores to open. But I did think that bookstores (at least some of them) would have copies to sell to eager buyers.

What really happened? Well, that topic will be put in perspective sometime in the future. In the meantime, remember that every new dawn has a new perspective.—odg

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